I'm Aviv,

Software Developer.

C# | C++ | Javascript | Node.js | React.js | Three.js | Unity | Python | Linux | Qt

About Me

Israeli based software developer.

I specialize in developing web apps, servers, desktop programs and video games.
Proficient in a variety of different languages, platforms and systems:
C# | C++ | Javascript | Node.js | React.js | Three.js | Unity | Python | Linux | Qt

I take my work very diligently, focusing on a single project at a time.
My priorities are meeting the client's needs, with a personal attention to detail.
Available 24 hours a day, commited to meeting all deadlines set - to your full satisfaction.

Fluent Hebrew, English and Spanish speaker.

I’m looking forward to working with you,


Tello Drone Game

Developed an Augmented Reality drone video game, where the player is able to fly a real drone and use it to fire virtual weapons.

The game was built using the Unity game engine for mobile devices.

In order to display the drone's footage a native rendering plugin was developed to decode the video stream.

Developed as a freelance developer.


Developed an open-source software for transferring large files between computers through the internet in a secure and fast manner.

Written in C++, using the Qt Framework for UI, alongside OpenSSL for secure network encryption.

Developed as an open-source project, hosted on Github.

Map Comparer

Developed a Side-by-side map comparison app intended to display and analyze large map files exported using aerial footage.

Able to draw: shapes, polygons, markers and lines with automatic area measurements.

Written in Javascript and jQuery, using the Leaflet map library and hosted on Netlify.

Developed as a freelance developer.

Object Detectors

Developed Machine Learning based Object Detectors, able to detect people, vehicles, animals and many different types of complex objects.

Written in C++ and Python, trained using the YOLOv4 Framework, alongside the OpenCV library for computer vision.

Developed as a Freelance developer.

Pixel Physics Simulation

Developed an engaging particle physics simulation, simulating how water and sand interact with each other.

Written in C++, using olc's Pixel Game Engine.

Developed as a hobby project, released as open-source on Github.

Just Donate

Just Donate is an application that users can register to, and they pose challenges for themselves in which they "bet" with their friends.

If the user fails to meet the challenge, he will contribute to an organization of his choice.

If he succeeds, his friends will contribute instead.

Developed the application's Backend as an employee at Slash Apps.


Developed as a freelance developer for mega-building.
megabuilding past project

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I am interested in freelance work - especially for ambitious or large projects in all development fields.

I'll be happy to assist you at every step in building your dream product.

You can contact me using the form below.
Aviv Kandabi
Rishon Le Zion
+972 53-4267886